Evolve Coaching & Consulting



Evolve Coaching & Consulting is committed to providing leaders, aspiring leaders and individuals with:

  • a chance to recognize and build potential.

  • an opportunity to develop new thought processes, competencies, capabilities and understandings.

  • a supportive, compassionate and confidential environment to step outside their sphere of comfort and make reflective but courageous choices to succeed. 


Core Values

Excellence - you will be encouraged and supported to discover and then live into what excellence looks like for you.


Space - you will be challenged with relevant, rigorous inquiry to create space, allowing you deeply relevant, alternative perspectives.


Compassion - you will always be held with the deepest compassion and respect, honouring your need to grow in your own time.


Evolve Coaching and Consulting invites you to step into a calm and compassionate space that will provide you with the opportunity to reflect and examine all aspects of "who you are"; creating the space and perspective to live into who you want to become. Evolve is for anyone who is ready for a catalyst to change. Learn more about Bonnie McGlynn, Principal, of Evolve Coaching and Consulting.