Creating Coaching Conversations in the Workplace

What is coaching? What is a coaching conversation? How can coaching conversations help you develop relationships and build capacity within your workplace?

Part 1 - This workshop is designed for managers and newly appointed managers who are looking to understand what coaching is and why so many Fortune 500 leaders use executive coaches. You will explore how coaching works and begin to recognize the different types of conversations common in the workplace. You will begin to develop a feel for what communication is versus what we think communication is and how that translates into our workplace conversations. (1/2 day)

Part 2 - This workshop will let you explore what a coaching conversation looks like and how you can use coaching conversations when interacting with your colleagues and direct reports. You will begin to understand how a coaching conversation can give you an alternative way to build relationships within your workplace and develop your reports. You will participate in practical applications and explore scenarios which best lend themselves to a coaching conversation. (1/2 day) 


Cultivating a Sense of Well-Being in the Workplace

As the stress of our work life increases, what can you do to cultivate your own sense of well-being and set yourself up to succeed?

This workshop is designed for anyone looking to develop new thought processes and capabilities as they manage their own sense of well-being within the workplace. With the link between stress and illness now an accepted medical correlation, it is now more important then ever to understand and cultivate your well-being while at work. (1/2 day)​